Electric bike batteries are getting bigger and bigger, and it is clear that the energy stored in them does not have to be used only for powering the bikes but also for other practical functions. And that’s why it’s no wonder that the number of accessories and devices that the main battery can power is increasing year by year. Whether it’s lights, automatic shifting (Shimano Nexus or Enviolo Automatiq), ABS system from Bosch, various smart devices, smartphone charging, etc. And individual e-bike manufacturers gradually offer these devices on their bikes. The latest innovation in the world of recumbent bikes is the lighting from the German manufacturer Supernova, which Catrike started offering on its eCAT tricycles. Read more in their press release.

The eCAT SUPERNOVA Light System is now available! Powered directly by your eCAT, SUPERNOVA is at the forefront of award-winning design and technology for bicycle safety lighting systems. The eCAT light system includes the SUPERNOVA MINI 2 headlight and TL3 PRO taillight to help keep you visible day and night without charging separate batteries.

The SUPERNOVA MINI 2 offer superb performance in a compact aluminum case. It has 235 lumens and 100 lux, providing ample visibility without blinding oncoming traffic, and is perfect for both daytime running light and nighttime visibility.

The TL3 PRO is the first SUPERNOVA taillight with a sensor brake light and emergency strobe. The brake light is controlled by a high-precision 3-axis sensor that works without being connected to the brake levers. During braking, the taillight becomes almost 70 % brighter. The TL3 PRO, with 32 LEDs, provides a bright and impressive warning effect with visibility from both the rear and side. In the event of an emergency stop, the taillight generates a pulsating warning signal that is easily seen by cars and other vehicles.

MSRP for the Catrike SUPERNOVA Light System is $330. It includes two lights, cables and mounts. SUPERNOVA provides a 5-year warranty. Visit your local Catrike dealer for more information.