Do you miss the opportunity to meet your recumbent friends and go on rides with them? Are the various online forms of recumbent rallies not enough for you? One of the last possibilities of this year is the recumbent meeting in Uherský Brod, Czechia which is organized at AZUB itself as a celebration of their 20th anniversary. This traditional meeting, which the Czech guys organize every 5 years, is scheduled for September 10-13 and is preceded by a five-day pre-meeting tour from Vienna, the Austrian capital to Uherský Brod for those who travel from a great distance.

Although the situation in Europe is still uncertain due to the corona crisis, travel can take place and the meeting as such is not yet endangered or limited in any way. However, traveling to Europe from the USA is still a bit complicated, so organizers expect that participants will come mostly from Europe.

If you are interested in this event, you can find out more about it at You can then find other recumbent events in our calendar on this page. There haven’t been many events for 2020, but as we all hope, there will be many more for 2021!