It’s clear to me that many of you are already on your way to Cycle-Con, which takes place this weekend in Xenia, Ohio. Cycle-Con, formerly Recumbent Cycle-Con, is the only recumbent bike show in the US and in fact in all of America. Last year was not only the first time Cycle-Con was held after the COVID pandemic, but also the first time under a new organizing team in the form of the folks from WhizWheel. It was a successful fair and there are some major improvements in the works for this year. So, if you’re still undecided whether to come or not, be enticed by the following summary, and be sure to come. 

The organizers, led by Mark Crews and Marshall Randall, have a clear goal. They want to make Cycle-Con a recumbent bike fair that, in addition to the bikes on display, will also attract attention with its supporting program and, most importantly, the rides together. There will be two rides together this year. One on Saturday night at 5:30 pm sponsored by Greenspeed and the other on Sunday morning at 9 am sponsored by AZUB and led by Matt Galat, who you know from his YouTube channel JaYoe Nation. 

Friday, September 15 is reserved for professionals in the industry, especially dealers.

Open to them from 10 am to 5 pm.But already on Saturday, September 16, the fair will open for all recumbent enthusiasts from 9 am.The doors of the fair will then close at 5 pm.Sunday is then open from 11 am to 3 pm.

Some of the new features were mentioned in the previous article, but it’s definitely worth mentioning some of the new things to look forward to.

The major new feature will be the Delta TX from HP Velotechnik. Another one of the few delta trikes in the recumbent brands range. 

Also, the already mentioned children trike Trident Half-Pint will actually have its world premiere at Cycle-Con.

Another world premiere will be the Bachcetta Pronto. The first recumbent bike from this brand with an original built-in engine. Bacchetta is returning to the fair after several years and everyone is looking forward to it.

AZUB will bring its model for short riders or children, the AZUB T-Trisek. It will be ridden by riders as tall as 125 cm, i.e. 4¨4″.

ICE will present a limited edition tricycle, which celebrates 25 years since the company was founded and features special paintwork and original components and accessories.

The Catrike MAX heavy-duty trike may not be all that new anymore, but combined with the fact that Catrike is returning to Cycle-Con after a hiatus last year, this is definitely a substantial bike.

Steintrike will also bring a new addition in the form of the full-suspension Wild One with three 24-inch wheels.

From other exhibitors, the interesting ones will be motor producers. The EBO (Electric Bike Outfitters), Neodrive and even Bosch will be presenting their products.

You can also look forward to several seminars. Marshall Randall will talk about his training, preparation and goal setting for his World Record attempt on the GreenSpeed Aero. Larry Black will give you some tips and tricks on how to repair and maintain your cycles by yourself and Quintin Pruett from Terra Cycle will guide you through all the options you have in terms of mounting different accessories on your recumbent. Finally, Dana Lieberann of Bacchetta will talk about two-wheel recumbents, their types and adventages and will also host a riding workshop on the test track.

And then there is even Cycle-Con Film Fest with few carefully picked movies and videos you simply have to see!

Finally, a great atmosphere! Yes, the show has a great atmosphere. In the hall and also on the long test track everybody enjoys. You can meet there many friends, tons of recumbent enthusiasts and some very interesting people. So come to Xenia, Ohio this weekend! More info here.