For a long time, the synonym for affordable children’s tricycles that could be ridden by children from an early age was the British KMX. However, the KMX is no longer available on the market, and although there are small trikes from several recumbent brands, they are all fully equipped and priced pretty much the same as adult trikes. That’s why it’s excellent news that Trident has come up with a new kids’ trike, which will launch in a world premiere at Cycle-Con in Xenia, OH, USA, in mid-October. Read the official press release from Trident.

Many of us in the industry have lamented the shortage of newer, younger riders of Recumbents and how this will obviously affect the growth of Recumbents within the overall Cycling Industry.

There have been many causes, but some of them include the glaring shortage of recumbents geared toward younger riders. There were some previous efforts in this regard, but they were heavy, expensive, and not nicely equipped as their parents/grandparents trikes.

Trident Trikes is pleased to announce the Trident Half Pint which we will be debuting at Cycle Con in Xenia Ohio on September 15th for professionals, 16th and 17th for the public. The Trident Half Pint has some impressive features. It has an Aluminum Frame 12” x 2.25 Tires, Adjustable boom, Disc Brakes, Adjustable Seat Angle- and at 18 LBS / 8.2 kg you can argue it is the lightest production Trike in the world!!

The Half Pint should fit most riders between the ages of 5-12,

The Trident Half Pint will retail in the US at $599.00 and will be ready in time for this year’s holiday season.

In addition for all Cycle-Con attendees, we will be giving away the Demo Half Pint to one lucky customer!