More sad information landed in my email box. Hardy Siebecke, the organizer of the world-famous trade fair for all special bikes, SPEZI, announced that this exceptional event will not be held in April 2021. Even though it was moved from April this year to August when we did not see it either.

I must say that I am starting to miss these events. I attended the last fair at the end of February this year and nothing since. I like meeting my friends in the industry, manufacturers, dealers, and, of course, recumbent enthusiasts. Those short and sometimes very long conversations add joy to what we do. One sees that it makes sense. At the same time, he can share his experiences, discuss his problems, and make new friends.

Let’s hope that this development is reversed soon and that we don’t have to use the online world for too long. Offline is better!

Here is the official statement: After a detailed analysis of the Corona-related trade fair requirements of Rhineland-Palatinate and many discussions about the future Corona situation in 2021, my team and I have come to the conclusion that the realization of an international cycle show like the SPEZI next year in April would still be skating on thin ice. Therefore, we decided to execute the SPEZI exceptionally 2021 in autumn, September 18 and 19, 2021.