While preparing a large article about different electric velomobiles, or very small electric light vehicles or veLEVs or how do you want to call them, I have found an interesting old video about two of Sir Clive Sinclair’s vehicles that had recumbent position. You may remember the name Sinclair because of the Sinclair computer back in the eighties. I had the Sinclair ZX Spectrum even before the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and it was a huge thing at that time. The C5 we a huge failure, 14 000 of them have been made in 1985, but only 5 000 sold. It became a cult item for collectors later. Enthusiasts have established owners’ clubs and some have modified their C5s by adding high-powered electric motors or even jet engines. The X-1 has never made it into production, although it was a very nice concept of almost fully covered two-wheeler you could use in the city. I like both of them and can imagine riding them. Especially the X-1 had a very nice design and it looks useful. There is also a third one. Not from Sir Clive Sinclair, but from his nephew Grant Sinclair. The Iris eTrike is an electric velomobile and is part of my comprehensive article which I will publish in next days. It should go into production soon. We will see.


And here are few more to sum it up.


And maybe also this one although it is way too far from the world of recumbents. But I think you may enjoy it.