When I wrote about Northern Light Motor 428 velomobile in June last year, the article unleashed a broad discussion. Many loved the concept and look, many pointed out that such a machine can no longer be called velomobile, some said it is not a bicycle anymore. A few days ago Graham Browne with his team presented the prices of individual versions, a beautiful new web and even nicer video. Standard, which I would like to see while unveiling all important recumbent projects.

And prices are surprisingly low, as in the case of Podbike Frikar. Even lower. They start at the price of 2799 GBP / 3271 EUR / 3884 USD. However, this price requires partial assembly by the future owner and does not contain transportation. Graham assumes delivery of the first pieces at the end of this year, which is a very bold plan. In order to make that happen, you can book it now by paying the 250 GBP deposits.

You can also find an extensive and very well processed FAQ section on the web.

I can say for myself that I wish this project just the best!