Cruzbike will start selling a new iteration of the popular S40 endurance road recumbent bike at the end of June with pre-orders starting on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 11 a.m. EDT. As usual, they have offered an option to sign in for a special S40 newsletter in which they have been releasing information step by step in the last weeks. For all those signed in, they had an exclusive launch promotion coming today, on Friday, May 28th.

What do we know about the bike, right now? Let’s the folk from Cruzbike speak by themselves. The info below is a summary of their S40 newsletter.

At its core, the Cruzbike S40 is a refined, performance road machine that takes on flats and mountains with equal proficiency (and glee). And it’s ridiculously fun and comfortable to ride so you can go day after day after day. The Cruzbike Product Development Team have integrated some very cool new cycling technology into this road-loving machine I’m excited to share with you today:

Thru axles: The latest in high-end cycling axles attach the wheels more securely, are stiffer and flex less than their quick release predecessors, resulting in better power transfer and more resilience. For the new thru-axle on the S40 we chose a sleek, leverless style that even houses its own internal removal tool for the axle itself and brake rotors.

Flat mount brakes: Simpler, sleeker, lighter. The S40 boasts this new disc brake caliper mount style.

Cane Creek ViscoSet® Headset: We are obsessed with this premium new headset. It leverages viscous damping to inhibit exaggerated movement of the front end for easier learning and off bike handling.

Four colors will be available

Six key design elements

1-Cruzbike’s Dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive:
The famously stiff patented drive system that vaults Cruzbike racers to records and wins powers the S40. It shares the stiff, efficient drive geometry of traditional road bikes and transforms performance cycling technology into an incredibly fun, liberating cycling experience. It also makes us the fastest-climbing recumbent in the world.

This patented drive system not only frees us from the long, inefficient chains and special parts fixed-boom recumbents require, it links the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube. This linkage allows Cruzbike riders to increase power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body in much the same way professional cyclists do when they climb or sprint on traditional road bikes.

2-Seat-to-frame-to-drive connection: The S40’s carbon fiber seat fits the curve of the frame so that no watt is wasted. Pressing your back into the frame and engaging your whole body through the handlebar and cranks, energy surges through the drive system and powers the bike forward, leaping up grades or accelerating into a sprint.

3-Aero Sweet Spot: The Cruzbike S40’s seat back angle is 40 degrees.This angle is the sweet spot for endurance road riding dialed in over 15+ years of innovation and refinement. It is is fast enough to regularly drop your roadie friends (if you want to) but upright enough to make it fun to ride in a group, see the world around you, and blast into sprints and climbs with your whole body engaged.

4-Performance gearing: The 2021 S40 Complete is outfitted with a SRAM Apex 1×11 system we chose for performance. The 42 tooth chainring with an 11×42 cassette hits the sweet spot for power on the flats and gearing for the climbs. Plus you get all the benefits of a 1 x system: plenty of gearing with lower maintenance and less to go wrong.

5-Frame geometry: The S40’s wheelbase, trail, and head-tube angle deliver smooth handling, natural cornering and a responsive ride whether you are descending at top speed or navigating twisting backroads.

6-Wheels and Tires: The product team equipped the 2021 S40 Complete with fast and resilient 700c and 32c tires that thrive through all kinds of road surfaces and conditions.

Ordering Options

The fanatically-loved Cruzbike S40 endurance road bike will be available as both a Frameset and a Complete build in four limited edition colors with gorgeous matte finish and Z-fade graphics packages. Details and pricing for each are below. Both S40 Frameset and S40 Complete options ship worldwide.

S40 FRAMESET | $2950 (Four Limited Edition Colorways)Work with your local bike mechanic to craft the perfect build for your cycling ambitions. The S40 Frameset includes the frame, patented Dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive front triangle, optional front derailleur holder stalk, carbon fiber seat and cushion, headrest and cushion, custom-designed handlebar and grip tape.

S40 COMPLETE | $4650  (Four Limited Edition Colorways)The 2021 S40 Complete is outfitted with a SRAM Apex 1×11 system. The 42 tooth chainring with an 11×42 cassette hits the sweet spot for power on the flats and gearing for the climbs. Plus you get all the benefits of a 1x system: plenty of gearing with lower maintenance and less to go wrong. The S40 complete ships with components pre-installed. Plan for 2-3 hours for assembly if you are a novice. Experienced mechanics will be able to complete the assembly in about 30 minutes. The complete component specifications are below!

Full spec