Many of you may know the originally German practical velomobile Cab-Bike which has started to be produced in Poland by a company named Pima. After 10 years of experience, Piotr Majcher and the Pima team founded a new company a started to develop a vehicle of the 21st century. A two-seater quad velomobile they call EQHAWK. They have already received financial support from the local government for environmentally friendly start-ups and got from the sketch stage to the prototyping. They are already working on the body of the velo and both the sketches and the real photos look great. I mainly like the fact the design is modern looking and that the vehicle can carry a rider and an adult passenger as well. I deeply hope they can make it to the final production. There are several other companies working on similar cycles, but all of them are still kind of struggling to get the bike to customers on a regular basis. Fingers crossed here.

Get more information on the official web page or follow the development on the Facebook page of EQHAWK.

two passangers can sit inside the vehicle
rider and a passenger can sit inside the vehicle