L’Association Française de Vélocouché (AFV) has announced that the 2022 World Championships will be held in France on 15 – 16 & 17 July. The host region will be Orgelet commune. Three races are planned during three days. The different events will be grouped together in a fairly small area, so all trips can be made by bike.

There will be the traditional hill climb with a special feature as the riders will have to climb the 2,750 km / 1.7 miles long road with a positive elevation of 122 m / 400 feet. That means 244 m / 800 feet in total then !

200 m flying start and 1000 m standing races are planned for Saturday. And the criterium of over 100 km on a 10.5 km circuit with 174 m positive elevation will be organized on Sunday.

Organizers also plan to have a recumbent exhibition and kind of recumbent meeting in the week after the championship so it is worth to plan a visit even if you don’t want to race. The atmosphere will be great for sure.

More information can be found at afvelocouche.fr

Human Powered Vehicle World Championships 2022 - official poster