This is another one of the handpicked recumbent videos that are part of the Sunday video series.

Thanks to AI, Georg was able to colour a video from 1949 showing velomobiles racing in Helsinki. Interestingly, many of them are two-seaters and all of them are truly huge. It also shows the amphibious Finnish two-seater Kinneri velomobile, which I’ve written about before. I have actually published slightly different cuts of these races, but they were not in colour and lacked English subtitles. So today you have a chance to see the whole beauty. And one more video I found on YouTube.

If you’d like to know more about the modern version of Kinneri called Kinner, I recommend two articles. The first one is first and basic info about this two-seater open cockpit beautifuly shaped velomobile, the second one is a test (including a video) prepared for me by Olivier.G.