Don’t forget to watch today’s Laidback Bike Report where I will have my piece as well. I will mention four ongoing recumbent expeditions and one which was sadly disrupted by a car accident. The major part will discuss issues mentioned here under.

Is it possible that you’re illegally riding that Catrike, Terratrike. or even Cruzbike on the streets of America? It turns out to be a very difficult legal question fraught with insurance and financial implications. Doug Davis chats with legal experts Charlie Thomas, Steve Magas and Steven Hansen about laws excluding some 2, 3 or 4 wheeled bents from riding our roads. It’s a real problem and makes touring a potential nightmare. Next is a segment on the best approach to buying and selling a used bent. I talk to Chris Ferguson and Steve Wood who each moderate a popular Facebook classified group for recumbents. They and our own Larry Varney (representing BentRider Online Classifieds) will discuss all the dos and don’ts involved along with our very experienced panel. Also,Larry Varney and I were invited up to Grand Rapids, Michigan where we had two days to put the new Spyder-TerraTrike’s speed machine-through its paces. If you had previously thought you’d never hear the words “TerraTrike” and “speed machine” in the same sentence, watch on and be amazed. Finally, we’ll have Honza and Denny with the Recumbent News and Sports respectively.