Next Laidback Bike Report with Gary Solomon and his team will start in just a few hours and the topic is more than interesting today. It is all about velomobiles and the development we can see in this world. Read below what you can expect to see.

Our annual look at the latest and hottest news in the world of velomobiles. We have interviews and submissions by:

Oleksii Hanshyn our Ukrainian builder now in Ireland with Mobi Dick
Josef Janning from Germany with M9 from Daniel Fenn
Christian Winkgen from Germany with A9 and A9.2 from Daniel Fenn
Francois Garneau from Montreal with the Velomtek VT-1 rollout
Thomas Inderka from Germany with the Bülk
Greg Cantori and Ben Parke from the US explaining the Ambassador Program for Bülk
Stephane Boving from Czech Republic with Katanga’s VM45
Mike Lecka from North Carolina updating the latest on the Velotilt
Ymte Sijbrandij from Netherlands with ICB’s latest velo the Tuna
Ben Goodall from Australia with the rollout of the Rotovelo 2
Jan Wijnen from Romania on the latest at Velomobile World

Comments and discussion of it all with our velo experts Josef Janning, Doug Davis and Nina Paley.