UPDATE: The DryCycle is no longer in development, the web page isn’t working anymore (same for the Facebook page), and all the prototypes and parts were offered in an auction in July 2021 (with an unknown result). However, I want to point at the question of the correct name for such vehicles, and I also want to highlight the fact that the GCN has paid attention and that there are several features of such vehicles I like in general. I agree with other people on Facebook that the DryCycle was ugly, too heavy, and over-engineered in many ways, and as such, I am not surprised this project has failed.

I have already published a lot of different articles about vehicles on the edge between velomobiles and cars. A very light electric assisted vehicle that still doesn’t have an official name. Some people call them velomobiles, some people call them just LEV – Light Electric Vehicles, which I find too confusing as LEVs is a known abbreviation for small electric cars. Another name could be a LEAV – Light Electrically Assisted Vehicle, pronounced as “leave” possibly to leave the typical personal car transportation. GCN in their review of the British DryCycle, mentioned another option which is EAPC – Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle – which is a regulatory term used in the British law. However, it seems that the EAPC term is used for all pedelec-like bicycles.

I like the GCN – Global Cycling Netwook videos because of their high quality, fun approach to different topics and also because of the fact they care about small and almost invisible corners of cycling like velomobiles, recumbents or trikes. To introduce the DryCycle even more, watch the video published by another British Youtube Channel velo-ads where John Williams reviews the prototype of the DryCycle back in 2019.