We have seen a serious amount of projects in the last years that were trying to solve the issue of effective urban transportation by developing a trike or mostly quad – fully-faired, often with a second seat, mostly motorized. This time, I would like to direct your attention to a similar project with only two wheels. It is not as developed as the Elektrom from Canada, but it may evolve into something interesting also because it has some funds from UK Research and Innovation organisation. The name of the vehicle is evolve365, and UK company Nocomoto Ltd has been working on it. 

It is always great to see people working on new recumbent projects, and I especially like those dedicated to urban cycling. So for those interested, there is a web page or a Facebook page. Julian Tod, the founder of the company, has also organized an Online Design Panel some time ago, so for those deeply interested and those with some experience, there is even room to participate in the design. 

Although the website shows only some 3D renderings, the video on Facebook even shows some prototype riding.