Let’s get straight into it. Here is the list:

24 Hr trike road record – 519,67 km / 322.91 miles
12 Hr Trike road record – 320.74 km / 199.30 miles
6 Hr Trike road record – 171.06 km / 106.29 miles

300 Mile trike road record – 21hrs, 04 minutes, 06 seconds
200 Mile trike road record – 12hrs, 06 minutes, 35 seconds
100 Mile trike road record – 5hrs, 42 minutes, 44 seconds

500 Km trike road record – 23hrs, 06 minutes, 57 seconds
300 Km trike road record – 11hrs, 12 minutes, 02 seconds
200 Km trike road record – 7hrs, 37 minutes, 40 seconds
100 Km trike road record – 2hrs, 58 minutes, 19 seconds

All of them under World Ultra Cycling Association records and on ICE VTX road recumbent trike.

Caleb Cline is discharged US Army medical veteran from Las Vegas who graduated from West Point in 2014. “The best help I have received came in the form of a recumbent trike as I can’t ride a regular upright bike anymore due to chronic neck and back pain as well as scoliosis. Riding my trike everyday helps me fight back against my demons because what I’ve realised is even though we do physical training daily in the military and we think it’s primarily to be a more lethal soldier to help us fight and win our nations wars; working out and being active each day is the best medicine for life and all of it’s challenges it provides us.” he says. And because he likes to focus on his abilities instead of disabilities, he attempted a record ride on April 29th and 30th, 2022 from 9am to 9am in Henderson, Nevada, USA. And he was more than successful. The following video is about his breathtaking world-record ride.

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