If you’ve read this article about the only recumbent bike fair in the US changing owners, you’ve probably been excited about who the new owner will be and where the whole fair will move. The puzzle is solved. RCC will be newly organized by guys from WizWheelz resp. TerraTrike led by Mark Crews.

That’s pretty good news for me. These are people for whom the future of the fair and the whole industry is important, and who know they will work much more for the whole recumbent community than for themselves. In this way, they will contribute to the growth of the entire recumbent industry. Although it is a bit strange that a major trade fair is owned by one of the manufacturers, it reminds me a bit of me and the establishment of RECUMBENT.news. I myself felt a great need to do something for our recumbent bike world. Treat it with a quality e-magazine, which has been missing for several years. Yesterday, several people, including me, had the opportunity to talk directly to Mark and Marshall Randal, the marketing director at WhizWheelz, and I feel that the boys will be able to breathe new life into this fair.

In the near future, I would like to prepare interviews with both Chuck Coyne, who founded and organized the entire fair, and with someone from WhizWheelz. So stay tuned! And read the press release here below, of course.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — WizWheelz, parent company of TerraTrike and GreenSpeed, acquired Coyne Publishing, LLC, on June 24, 2022. The deal includes the Recumbent Cycle-Con (RCC) show, North America’s largest gathering of the recumbent cycling industry since its establishment in 2011. The purchase comes after two years of RCC cancellations due to the pandemic and is expected to breathe new life into the industry’s preeminent gathering. 

WizWheelz CEO Mark Crews sees the move as an opportunity to be a catalyst for growth in both the recumbent market and the cycling industry at large by offering a more inclusive vision of cycling, beyond the realm of conventional bicycles. 

“This cycle convention is no longer just about recumbents and those passionate about them,” said Crews. “It represents a group of innovative folks that overwhelmingly embrace inclusion. There is so much to offer at our industry’s fingertips: All it will take is some collaboration to reach and spark inspiration in a much broader audience.” 

Currently held in Dayton, Ohio, RCC incorporates an industry-only day with an experiential two-day consumer expo, taking advantage of the Miami Valley region’s 300-plus miles of paved, multi-use recreational trails.

“The annual RCC has grown steadily through the years, since our first one in Los Angeles in 2011,” said Charles Coyne, owner of Coyne Publishing. “The industry’s leaders have played an important part in the show’s success through their continued support and enthusiasm. I very much appreciate their support and friendship, especially as I move ever closer to retirement. I am delighted that the team at WizWheelz has stepped up to carry on the show’s mission – supporting and growing the recumbent cycling sport and industry, and I look forward to them taking the show to the next level.”

Both parties remain optimistic about the future of the show, and Crews was quick to characterize his vision of an amplified, diversified RCC:

“Our vision for this show is summed up in one word: More. More audience, more exhibitors, more fun, more collaboration. How we get there isn’t defined. But our industry has the makings of something greater than it is now. I know others share this passion and vision. And to make it a reality it will take a collective push in the same direction,” said Crews.

For more information about RCC, visit https://www.recumbentcyclecon.com/.

About WizWheelz

The WizWheelz, Inc. family of brands includes TerraTrike and GreenSpeed. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, TerraTrike was founded on the simple notion that recumbent touring trikes are more fun. For more than 24 years, TerraTrike has been bringing adventure touring and leisure triking to the masses, maintaining one of the industry’s most extensive sales and support teams, with over 250 dealers and 300 doors internationally. With the acquisition of GreenSpeed in 2020, WizWheelz is proud to offer the industry’s most extensive roster of recumbent trike options worldwide.