Tibor is my long-time friend and a recumbent enthusiast with a fantastic sense of humor. In the beginning of July, he organized the first Hungarian recumbent meeting in Poland. Yes, you read it correctly. In Poland! Those two countries in Eastern Europe even don’t share a border with each other. He is of Hungarian origin but living in Poland, so it is not such a big surprise. And here is his short report from the event.

Last year at one of the Hungarian recumbent meetings, someone said: let’s visit Tibor in Cracow! Well, why not? So I started organizing the First Hungarian Recumbent Meeting in Cracow, Poland immediately.

I expected some ten maybe 15 participants maximum. You know, the distance, still some COVID restrictions, the war behind the eastern border. I would not imagine that finally, 48 people showed up on the 1st of July, on the first day of the meeting.

Our camp base was the „Horn”, a fantastic water sports center at a lake called „Bagry”, just five kilometers from the famous Main Market Square. Equipped with guest rooms, pizzeria & restaurant, and sandy beaches, it turned out to be the best choice. The manager allowed us to use a grass-covered area as a camping site, and some used their own cars to sleep in.

We had two full days and a half to discover Cracow and the surroundings on wheels. As I am a certified tourist guide, we visited some important historical places also inside. Cracow offers you not only an overview of Polish history but the Hungarian one as well. We had a lot of interaction over the past thousand years.

The „prettiest participant” was … a dog named Merlin, who was carried on a special cargo e-bike. We had all sorts of bikes and trikes, electric, hand-driven, front-wheel drive, tadpole, etc. Full cross-section of recumbents.

We also hosted Jirka Berkan from the Czech Republic, who is on his way around Europe, on an AZUB SIX whom you can follow on his Facebook page Cycle.around. He stayed with us until the last day.

Was it a success? YES! I had to promise to repeat the event next year as well. And I already have a long list of participants for the „Krakkó II” get-together on the 3.-6. of august 2023 😉