Although many of you are awaiting my video from the HPV World Championship in Orgelet, France, I would like to invite you to another one today. The Laidback Bike Report about even faster event. The “Battle Mountain” race.

Battle Mountain Nevada’s World Human Powered Speed Challenge attracts bike designers worldwide every year. These creative builder/racers bring their best designs to this 5 mile section of desert road vying for speeds of 70, 80 or even 90 miles per hour. We look in on one of these teams in the UK working on their “Seventy-seven” project. Russell Bridge and Barney Harle lay out the history and progress of their bullet shaped streamliner which they hope to race to glory at this event. Tray and I will update their story when we see them in person at Battle Mountain next month!

To learn more about the event itself we chat with Alan Krause (who along with his wife Alice) is co-director of WHPSC. We’ll learn more about the history of this race and Alan’s expectations for 2022.

Next it’s on to Orlando, Florida where we meet up with George. He has made some amazing coroplast bodies for his ICE Adventure and HPV Scorpion trikes. He’ll explain the how and why of his years-long obsession with these artistic plastic fairings.