It is always great to see recumbent riders meeting at one place, riding together, and sharing their experience. During the summer months, there have been several events both in the US and Europe, and here are a few videos that capture the atmosphere. 

The first one is from Hostelpshoppe’s Pedal Point Rally, filmed and edited by the ICE trike guys. The event consisted of a 10-mile ice cream ride followed by a “welcome to the rally” dinner on Friday, July 15th, 2022, and on Saturday, several rides were organized in lengths from four miles up to sixty miles. It was the 3rd edition of the rally and became a nice tradition. 

Second comes from Sylvia Halpern and is about the Tater TOT Rally. Tater TOT (Tricycles Optional Tour) takes place in Kellogg, ID, every June, and it is an informal, semi-organized multi-day rally, primarily for recumbent sports touring enthusiasts, friends, and families. The rally grew out of the enthusiastic community of recumbent fans formed through the forum.

The last video is from Czechia, although it comes from Vladimir Izmailov, who represents the Latvian recumbent manufacturer Specbike Technics. What you can see is an annual Czech recumbent meeting that is usually 4 days long and is organized in different locations every year. It is a truly international event with riders coming not only from Czechia but also Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, and so on.