Laidback Bike Report hosted by Gary Solomon and his team will have one main topic today. And that’s their visit to Catrike last month during the Catrike Factory Tour 2024. As a teaser, you can see a couple of photos I got from Catrike, and here under you can also read the full description of today’s show.

Join us today for the show. We are looking forward to listening to you in the chat or comments!

Florida in February is not a bad place to visit! When general manager Mark Egeland invited us to tour the factory floor of Catrike in Orlando last fall at Cycle-Con we jumped at the opportunity. Tray and I were given free range to roam the facility and interview anyone we wished. This was during their “Factory Event” so we got to see lots of Catrike owners and hear from Founder Paulo Camasmie as well. We follow the progress a new trike would take right down the production line from welding to painting to packaging and interview the team at their individual stations along the way. I think you’ll find the process fascinating.

The Big Honkin’ Trike Rally was becoming an annual pilgrimage for bent riders across the country when the powers that be threw a liability wrench into the organizer’s plans this year. Not to be beaten, they pivoted to a more open source approach and turned this into an informal BBQ and ride format along the Withlacootchee trail in Inverness, Florida this year. We attended the BBQ, met many of the trikers and interviewed Gay Ormiston Bradford who has been involved from the start.

If you’re looking for advice on unraveling the many trike choices available both electric and not-look no further! Andrew and Gary from Trailside Trike in Floral City, Florida show us 10 models they rolled out behind the bike shop right along the trail. You’ll get their expert opinion on the pros and cons of various Catrike, Greenspeed, Terratrike, Trident and AZUB units for your consideration.