The main topic of another part of the Laidback Bike Report series will talk about the Dutch manufacturer Radical Design. They produce not only recumbent bags and bike trailers, but also velomobile covers.

Recumbent bikes and trikes are quite different from their upright brethren and so often require unique add-ons. Filling this need since the mid 90s has been the Dutch company Radical Design. We talk to owner Kyra Ottens and product designer Roman Schaffroth to discuss the history, products and how those amazing bags are designed and manufactured.

As the northern hemisphere plunges headlong into the winter season we thought it was the perfect time to have a look at best practices for bent riding in cold weather. Who better to help us than former Hostel Shoppe mechanic Scott Christopherson? Scott still lives in northern Wisconsin and tells us how he prepares for triking in snow and ice.

Denny updates us on some cancelled ultra races and shares a couple more bent friendly ones that are coming up. Honza joins us with the latest recumbent news and we have a sad viewer submission where you can help a family with a no longer needed child’s hand trike.