The EuSupino is an annual magazine of the EHPVA – European Human Powered Vehicle Association. What does that name mean? EuSupino? Eu stands for ‘European’ but is also Greek for ‘good’, as in euphoria. Supino is Italian for the supine position (lying on your back). For some cyclists, EU may have the meaning of the European Union, but please consider Eu as a reference to our continent.

The 2022 edition was published just a few days ago, and there are many very interesting articles included in it. Few of them are related to velomobiles, but you can find there some about touring on recumbents too. Also, one long about Nici Walde’s 24h record ride or one from Holger Seidel, who broke the south-to-north Germany record in his Bülk velomobile. Andreas Pooch also wrote another article about late Mike Burrows describing his beginning in the recumbent scene and the born of the Windcheetah trike.

It is a great source of information as same as the previous four issues. They are all worth downloading and reading them.