Wondering which recumbent videos published in 2020 were the most watched on Youtube? I have to admit that their view numbers are far from the best videos from the world of cars or classic upright bikes, but hundreds of thousands of views of the best and tens of thousands of views of many recumbent bike videos are relatively good numbers.

So let’s take a look at the best of them in 2020. Respectively on some of the most successful video groups, because as you can see below, one “performer” would easily take the first two places and collect five places out of ten in total. If you know of one that should be among the top six in terms of views, feel free to mention it in the Disqus comments below this post.

1. Viktor Zichó

The most successful “performer” would be Viktor Zichó, a Hungarian adventurer who traveled from his native country to the Indian Dardzhiling on his old M5 recumbent. During his trip, he was imprisoned in Pakistan and soon held in quarantine at an Indian hospital for nine long weeks. I made a long and extensive interview with Viktor, which you can read here. The most successful video is actually one of the news on Indian television you probably won’t understand, but thanks to publishing on an Indian channel with a huge audience, the video has over half a million views. Likewise, another short video capturing Viktor on the road has more than 400,000 views. Also known in the recumbent community is this Viktor’s downhill video from Himachal Pradesh with 276,000 views.

2. Global Cycling Network

No wonder the video in second place is from the Global Cycling Network, which is one of the most popular Youtube channels about cycling. The video concerns the ability of recumbent bicycles to ride on steep hills, which attracted a huge number of viewers and almost 300,000 views. But that’s only a fraction of the first recumbent video on the same channel, which was released in August 2019 and has 1.6 million views. This makes it one of the most popular recumbent videos ever.

3. Romanian ING Bank

The third-place belongs somewhat surprisingly to the Romanian video of the ING Bank, which created a simple animated video about the story of Jan Wijnen and his relocation of velomobile production from the Netherlands to the Romanian village Breaza in the north of the country. The name of the video is: “Velomobile – The Story of the Passion on Wheels”. Over 200,000 views are certainly not caused by Romanians’ interest in velomobiles, but rather by ING’s broad customer base and good publicity. Of course, the story is also interesting and if you would like to know more about the velomobile production in Breaza, check out my post here.

4. Utah Trikes

In fourth place is a well-deserved video from Utah Trikes describing the capabilities and features of the ICE Full Fat trike with the Shimano Steps motor. 152,000 views is a respectable number, and Utah Trikes, with its Youtube channel, is by far the most successful producer of recumbent videos in the world. At least one more video would be in this year’s top ten. Their videos cover not only individual models, but also recommendations on how to choose your future trike correctly or how to improve it.

5. Velo Ads

There is a huge leap as we move well below 100,000 views. John Williams’s Velo-Ads Youtube channel focuses primarily on the velomobile community, and John has changed from an influencer to the only serious velomobile dealer in the UK in recent months. His piece on Mike Burrows’s development of the Soup Dragon streamliner has already recorded more than 70,000 views. Likewise, the review of the Milan SL bicycle with 48,000 views would be high in the ranking of the most-watched recumbent videos of 2020.

6. Liegerad on Tour

Pretty good results has also the Youtube channel Liegerad on Tour which is German originally with some videos having English subtitles. Their video about the pros and cons of the AZUB Ti-FLY X has over 20 thousand views now and is growing. Also, the one about HASE Kettwiesel EVO Steps with 12.000 views is successful.

Furthermore, we are already below the limit of 20,000 views, in which there is a huge number of videos in different languages ​​and on different channels, and it would be very difficult to reasonably assess their success. Alternatively, write in the comments which video you liked the most this past year so that our other readers can also enjoy it as well.


Note: All views are relevant on the date of publishing this article.