Another one from the Sunday video series of carefully picked recumbent-related videos. This time from Australia.

Irina and Radu are two Romanian adventurers who decided to ride across Australia on recumbent trikes. They have reached the northernmost point of Australia, the Cape York first, and then reached also the southernmost point of Western Australia, the Torbay Head. And in between many other amazing places incl. the Uluru mountain, of course. They’ve already finished their Australian part of the expedition, but this video summarizes their journey across Australia.

Interestingly, Irina rides an AZUB Ti-FLY 26 full-suspension tricycle with a motor and battery powered by a solar panel. Conversely, Radu rides on an unsuspended AZUB T-Tris tricycle propelled only by his own power.

Their breathtaking video with lots of drone footage is definitely worth watching. If you would like to know more about their journey, visit either the report on the AZUB website or Radu’s Facebook profile.