The time around the SPEZI show was busier than I could have imagined, and so I am slowly getting to the tasks followed by articles that should have been published long ago. I’m sure you’ve already seen a lot of videos and a bunch of photos, but I’m also preparing a big gallery, a detailed report, and a video for you. However, to start with, I have a real treat for you. Thanks to the organizers and modern technology, you can experience the whole SPEZI virtually. Booth next to the booth. It’s a completely different experience than just looking at the photos. The people, products, and atmosphere stand out in the pictures, but it is hard to get the overall scope and layout of the exhibition, the size of the individual stands, and many other interesting details from them.

So let’s take a walk through the entire exhibition hall as captured by the 3D camera on Saturday evening when visitors and exhibitors were enjoying the SPEZI party.