Another episode of the Laidback Bike Report will be broadcasted today incl. my news report. What will the other topics be?

Bentrider (formerly known as Bentrider Online) is now new and improved thanks to new owner Kurt Reynolds. Having previous experience on nuclear submarines and now working for Microsoft he just might have what it takes to take this well loved recumbent message board to the next level. Kurt talks to us about buying the website from our old pal Bryan Ball, what he’s done to improve the board and gives us a bit of a tutorial so we can all make the most of our experience.

Next up is a young German velonaut who overcame a ridiculous number of obstacles to ride and finish this year’s TransAm Bike Race from Oregon to Virginia. Fortunately for us he decided to then turn around and head west in his prototype Milan RS to race at Battle Mountain, Nevada. On his way he stopped here in Ohio for a couple of days so I took advantage and did an extended interview with this impressive young rider/builder.

Lastly, we present an update on the Mississippi River Tour of our good pal Jon Hodkin aka Innertuba. My wife and I journeyed west to the Illinois/Iowa border and the Quad Cities area to catch up with him. He has been playing and riding his trike/trailer rig all the way up the river from Louisiana since March. We learn about the charitable work he’s doing along the way, hear about his concerts and watch him lead a trike entourage over a bridge on the great river itself.