Featured image art mostly by GCN

Another in a series of recumbent videos by GCN. Global Cycling Network is the world’s largest YouTube channel with a focus on cycling, which in recent years has not shied away from slightly more marginal parts of cycling, such as cargo bikes or recumbent bikes. This time Ollie and the GCN Tech team headed to London South Bank University where student projects are developing specials for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, which this year will be held in mid-September.

As well as the presenter, Russell Bridge and his streamliner Seventy Seven are a familiar face. Russel has participated in the World Speed Challenge twice before and is taking the utmost care in preparing for it again this year.

Here are a few more interesting facts that Russel mentions about his Seventy Seven round:
Target speed: 77mph (hence the name)
Actual speed achieved: 73.79mph (twice!)
Weight: 35kgs (the lightest BM bikes are down at 21kgs)
Gearing – primary drive: 85T chainring to 12-32T ultegra 11 speed stripped down to 9speed (still 12-32T)
Gearing – secondary drive: 34T to 17T
Wheels: custom made SMC carbon tri spoke, disc-brake wheels, 406
Tyres: Michelin Blue 406x44mm (actually measure at 41mm) – these tyres were initially made for the shell mileage marathon. Crrr somewhere between 0.0021 and 0.0030 depending upon the surface
Monocoque shell: carbon fibre / carbon kevlar composite with hex core interlayer
Cda: 0.0195 (approx 1/8th of the best TT position)
Brake: Front wheel only – TRP dual piston mechanical on 180mm rotor
Steering: limited to 5 degrees in each direction
Navigation: 2x micro Foxeer 1500TVL drone cameras (90 degree FOV) with a 10” primary screen (with DVR) and 5” backup screen Data: Garmin 520 with speed sensor on rear wheel (gps won’t work through the carbon shell)
Bike cost: approx £6k build cost, and £4k in shipping to and from USA

Definitely room for improvement, but it was a good privateer entry if I do say so myself. Huge thanks to all of my team for their superhuman efforts to get the bike out there and for support through the week…


And to bring you even more joy, here is a piece about flying bikes. Very interesting as well!