I spent a few working weeks with Matt Galat in the Czech Republic in 2022. You may know Matt thanks to his JaYoe Nation YouTube channel where he reports from his daily life, recumbent tours, but also about his van building advanture. We also took a four day trip to Slovakia to visit the castles there and try out his new trike. During those few days, I had the chance to see how he works with his drone and vlogging camera. And to see the ease with which he can operate the drone, the distance he can fly it, the fact that he doesn’t use any automatic tracking function but can control the drone while riding in such a way that he takes shots of the ride from different angles or takes shots of the surroundings, was a great experience and inspiration. So, in this video, you have a chance to see how Matt prepares his videos for the YouTube channel.

Premium members of RECUMBENT.news could already watch this video a few days ago and their comments made me very happy.

For example, Gary wrote: “Just watched your Slovakia/Ja Yoe video, Honza. It was fantastic! Matt is the consummate vlogger and his drone skills are just jaw dropping. You made great use of them as the countryside and castle shots in the Carpathian mountains were superb. Great job!