We were so surprised when we found a video with Velayo velomobile. It looks completely different than any other velomobile. The design with open wheels looks quite retro and is beautiful. Probably because we have not seen anything like that before. It looks that the guy prepares this velomobile to be produced and sold in batches. Unfornatenully on his web page www.fortschritt-fahrzeugbau.de you cannot see much, expect two pictures, but couple of videos gives good idea of how the machine looks like. From the first video where is only the frame the velomobile looks quite huge, but it seems it has the right height to be visible in the traffic and to go over smaller or bigger bumps. Also the weather protection seems to be good. The only problem we see in open front wheels which can cause a big geysir in the rain. We do not know much about the project nor about the steering or riding properties, but from pictures and videos it looks really nice.