It is almost unbelievable. On the right side of the Atlantic, there are five, maybe seven, performance-oriented velomobile manufacturers, and on the left side there is not a single one. Even if we look at the more practically oriented ones, we can find maybe two in the US and Canada, but in Europe the number of manufacturers would increase perhaps many times over. Yes, this is probably due to the car-centric rather than bicycle-centric orientation of Americans, but even so, for example, high-end road bikes sell a lot in the US and Canada.

You used to be able to buy velomobiles in North America from a Canadian company called BlueVelo, which licensed the Quest from, and later some dealers had a few examples (were there really more, or just one that I saw?) of the Glyde velomobile from Greenspeed, which never made it to real production. Then there was the attempt by Australia’s Trisled, who through UtahTrikes supplied their Rotovelo to American customers, and finally a shop in Texas that initially had most of the European velomobiles on offer, but after a few years you could buy basically nothing from them.

Today, however, it looks like better times are on the horizon. And that’s thanks to Velomobile World, which has been quite successful in trying to push velomobiles on the west side of the Atlantic.

Historically, there have been two major challenges to buying a new velomobile in the U.S. and Canada: shipping costs and arranging test rides. A velomobile is an important investment and you want to get it right the first time. Velomobile World has worked hard to make the purchase process affordable and stress-free. This “revolution” started with the Ambassador Program in the USA and Canada.

The first step was to improve the ordering process. Previously, there was only one place in the U.S. to test drive a Velomobile. In a country as large as the USA, this is a huge hurdle to overcome in the ordering process. Through the Ambassador Program and the establishment of several new dealerships, it is now possible to test drive a Bülk velomobile, the most popular model, in several locations in the U.S. and, starting in May, to compare several models at the new dealership in Minneapolis, MN, Northland Velo.

The second step was to improve the communication process. Velomobile World now has a dedicated contact person in the USA for North American sales. You can reach Ben at You can also set up a free consultation with either Jan at Velomobile World or Ben Parke. They will help you find the model that is ideal for your riding situation and can help you find someone to test ride if you wish.

The third step was to improve the ordering process. You now have the option of ordering through a dealer who will help you select the right Velomobile with the components you need, handle the import and shipping process for you, and help you get your bike ready to ride. For those who do not need the full a la carte services of a dealer, you also have the option of ordering directly from the factory. Online configurators are available for each model at The factory will make arrangements for shipping and then you take it from there with a broker to help you with the import process. Velomobile World will provide you with all the necessary documents.

The final step was to improve the shipping process, both in terms of cost and time. Prior to the second half of 2022, US customers often waited a year or more for a new velomobile, usually after paying high shipping fees. This year, Velomobile World is working with Northland Velo in Minneapolis to send at least two container shipments of velomobiles to the US. The first shipment will arrive in early May 2024 with 23 beautiful new velomobiles. A second shipment is planned for the fall. Currently, container shipments allow Velomobile World to offer shipping for only $500 plus import costs, a significant savings. They also mean that your new velomobile will go through a final inspection at the dealership before being delivered to its new owner. Customers who pick up their velomobiles at the dealership will also receive a proper fitting and test ride. In addition, Velomobile World continues to offer the option of air freight to the nearest international airport for those who wish to receive their velomobiles more quickly.

Plus, if you order before the end of June, Velomobile World has a special offer for you related to delivering some of the velomobiles to the Cycle-Con show in Xenia, OH, in September.

Thanks to Velomobile World, the world’s largest manufacturer of velomobiles, and the growing network of enthusiastic ambassadors and dealers, it is now much easier to order and own a velomobile in North America. If you decide to try one, or later also order one, the complete process is going to be much shorter and your dream can come true much faster and cheaper than before. And this is always a good news! Good 🙂