It’s always great to see new developments in the recumbent world. New models, new evolutions. Especially when you can tell from the first photo that there are months and years of work behind the development, and that the new product will bring some real improvements. And this can certainly be said of the new Kettwiesel ONE, which will expand the Kettwiesel model range offered by the German company HASE BIKE. This is all the more significant given that the Kettwiesel was at the company’s founding model and is its flagship as well.

You can read the official press release from HASE BIKE below and I hope to bring you my first riding impressions from Eurobike next week, but for now I’ll at least hastily allow myself a few quick comments. At least the above-seat steering version aims to approach the older population, the seating position is much higher than of the original Kettwiesel and the overall impression is much more conservative. By contrast, the under-seat steering version still retains a dose of adventurousness, although in lifestyle photos we no longer see youngsters blazing at top speed through the woods like we used to.

The sort of two support wings that hold the McPherson struts look monstrous and give the trike an unusual look that definitely catches the eye. Also very interesting is the telescopic way of “folding” or shortening the trike to fit into a car. And last but not least, it can be seen that the new Kettwiesel borrows from its more affordable sibling called TRIGO a profiled main frame tube, on which not only the engine but also other elements of the trike are then mounted.

detailed rear view of the rear suspension

To mark the company’s 30th anniversary, Marec Hase and his team have reinvented their classic trike. The Kettwiesel ONE marries engineering ingenuity with quality and unparalleled adaptability to the rider.

Its distinctive design, with two wheels in back and one in front for steering, is recognisable worldwide: For nearly three decades, Hase Bikes’ Kettwiesel has been offering riders around the globe three-wheeled freedom and riding fun. “The first Kettwiesel was built in 1995. Back then, we forged and assembled the parts by hand,” said company founder Marec Hase. “Although our production methods have changed, our mission has stayed the same: building high-quality bikes and trikes that help as many people as possible experience mobility. Regardless of how old or big they are and regardless of their physical abilities.”


Kettwiesel ONE: Mobility for everyone

The Kettwiesel ONE is in line with this mission. “It has the best and most comprehensive ergonomics we’ve ever developed for a bike or trike,” said Marec. “Thanks to its telescoping front boom, the ONE can accommodate riders ranging from 3’7” to 6’7” (1.10 to 2.00 m) in height. The seat height can be changed in two easy steps. Also adjustable are the tilt of the seat and the height, width and angle of the handlebar grips. This means that the trike itself is already extremely adaptable.” Most of these adjustments can be made without tools. A 5mm hex key is only required for adjusting the suspension, the grip position and the length of the front boom. A nice extra: This hex key comes with the trike and has a special attachment site on the frame so that it’s always available when needed. 


Customisation is the norm

“The incredible adaptability of the Kettwiesel ONE not only ensures a high level of comfort for the rider. In some cases, it can even make fun, independent mobility possible,” explained Marec. “A bike or trike should be perfectly adapted to the needs of the user, particularly in the field of special needs and adaptive cycling. The basic functions and features of the ONE already offer a superb basis for this adaptability. In addition, we have a very large selection of accessories for improving comfort, carrying cargo and of course adapting the trike to the physical needs of the individual rider. Then there are also technical options, like automatic shifting and single-hand controls. All in all, the Kettwiesel ONE’s adaptability to the rider is unprecedented.”


High-quality MacPherson suspension

The development of the Kettwiesel ONE took nearly three whole years. Marec and his team are particularly proud of the new chassis, which is based on the MacPherson principle. Marec Hase: “No other suspension system is as good or as sensitive. With the new chassis, we have achieved a suspension system with a travel of 70 mm that can accommodate loads of up to 309 lb (140 kg). This means that the trike can be accurately adjusted to its own load and practically any road surface, from smooth racetracks to bumpy cobblestones.”


Cargo motor for additional power

Riders who are looking for extra motor power should try out the Kettwiesel ONE PLUS with a more powerful motor. Heavy loads, steep hills and long trips are no problem at all with the high-power Shimano EP8 Cargo motor, with its 630 Wh battery. Gears are shifted using an Enviolo manual controller. 


A Kettwiesel ONE with “Easy Rider” feel

The trike version with above-seat handlebars offers the rider a steering system that feels more bicycle-like than the Kettwiesel with under-seat handlebars. The position of the arms and hands is also more similar to “classic” cycling, and the controls are in the rider’s field of view at all times. When getting into the seat, the rider can fold the entire steering assembly forward and out of the way. Once they are seated on the comfortable Vario Comfort seat, they can easily pull the handlebars back into place.


Fits in the boot 

When parked on its rear wheels with the front wheel in the air, the Kettwiesel ONE takes up minimal space in the garage or bicycle room. It can be easily shortened for transport: Simply fold the seat, turn the handlebars downward and push in the telescoping front boom as far as it will go. With a little practice, all of this can be done in less than two minutes. With a compact pack size measuring 53 inches (135 cm) in length, 26 inches (56 cm) in height and 34 inches (88 cm) in width (model with under-seat steering, without front wheel), the Kettwiesel ONE fits into most cars with a hatchback. 


Available from August 2024

Kettwiesel ONE with above-seat handlebars from €7,990 
Kettwiesel ONE with under-seat steering from €8,490
Kettwiesel ONE PLUS from €10,950
USD prices are yet to be determined

Kettwiesel ONE
Handlebars: Under-seat
Frame: Aluminium
Total length: 63 – 89 inch (162 – 227 cm)
Total width: 34 inch (88 cm)
Seat: 3D Seat Cover
Seat height:
20 –23 inch (52-60 cm)
Bottom bracket height: 16 inch (42 cm)
Pack size: 53 x 34 x 26 inch (135 x 88 x 56 cm), without front wheel
Weight: 77 lb (35 kg) 
Max. load: 309 lb (140 kg)
Height of rider: 3’7”–6’7” (1.10 –2.00 m)
Colour: Pale green RAL 6021 powder-coated (special colours based on RAL Classic Colour Chart available)
Wheels: 20” / black aluminium double-walled rims / SAPIM stainless-steel spokes
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Plus with puncture protection 
Electric motor, battery and gear system: Shimano Steps 6100, 504 Wh battery/ Nexus 8-speed hub 
(Kettwiesel ONE PLUS: Shimano EP8 Cargo with 630 Wh battery / Enviolo manual controller)
Drive system: Differential
Crankset: 170 mm 44 tooth
Brake system: Front mechanical, rear hydraulic disc brakes
Lighting system: Powered by motor battery, from B+M: IQ-X headlight, Toplight 2C plus tail light

Differences for Kettwiesel ONE with above-seat handlebars:
Handlebars: Above-seat
Seat: Vario Comfort seat
Pack size: 53 x 34 x 28 inch (135 x 88 x 66 cm), without front wheel
Colour: Grey beige RAL 1019 powder-coated (special colours based on RAL Classic Colour Chart available)