RANS Bikes renamed to PHOENIX BIKE WRX

Jerrell Nichols just announced that the name of RANS will disappear from the map of recumbent bike brands and that a new one has been born. A new one with an improved way of running a business and streamlined production.

All you want to know about the RANS E-Phoenix PROJECT

The RANS E-Phoenix could be the first model of a purely electric recumbent two-wheeler. The first sample has already seen the light of day and is now awaiting extensive testing and then a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

10 to 1: Gary Solomon is dreaming about self-steering recumbents

Gary Solomon is a recumbent influencer and a celebrity in a way. His Laidback Bike Report show is more than known. He and his team have also shown an amazing effort during this year’s pandemic in producing two virtual shows. The Bent Expo in Spring and the BentCon