viktor zichó

🎥 Sunday video: Recumbent vs. car

Viktor’s latest recumbent piece capturing him riding a recumbent against a car in streets of Budapest. Once again pretty adventurous video.

🎥 Riding a recumbent in Afghanistan

Another hard-to-believe video from Viktor Zichó. This time documenting part of his Alexander Csoma Expedition which led him through Afghanistan in winter 2019/2020.

LBR 11/2020 News summary

I have prepared a News section for yesterdays Laidback Bike Report and here is a little summary so you can click on links and get to more information if you wish.

⭐️ Imprisoned in Pakistan and quarantined in India

After being imprisoned for four weeks in Pakistan due to a misunderstanding on the border, he continued his journey and was quarantined in India for nine long weeks. In complete solitude, often with a lack of food and sometimes drinks. Read an interview about the incredible story of Viktor Zichó.

🎥 Sunday video: Viktor’s Journey to India

You have already seen some of his footages for sure! Viktor’s amazing journey from Hungary through countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan to India during the corona crisis is just breathtaking. Here is a little teaser.