I have prepared a News section for yesterday’s Laidback Bike Report and here is a little summary so you can click on links and get more information if you wish. You can also watch the full episode hereunder via Youtube.

New Cruzbike Q45

Cruzbike is about to launch a new iteration of their bestselling model the Q45. It is a touring recumbent with a so-called dynamic boom and front-wheel drive and Cruzbike will introduce it with few improvements and changes. The new iteration will have larger 650c wheels instead of 26″ wheels and also through axles instead of common quick releases which are quickly disappearing from the world of upright bikes. Other changes like different color schemes and improved handlebars have been announced as well. Cruzbike hasn’t published any photos of a complete bike yet, but just a few details. If you are interested, you can become an insider by subscribing to their Q45 newsletter (see the left side of the page) and you will receive all the info first hand. Insiders will also have a chance to pre-order the bike starting December 15th.

PodRide development

There are quite some news about the Norwegian Podbike coming almost every day, but there is also the Swedish PodRide four-wheel velomobile under development and for me, it is probably a better solution. People around Mikael Kjellman introduced few interesting improvements not long time ago. Among them is that the PodRide will be a two-seater in standard and it will also have some kind of a thermo-plastic base instead of a fabric one it had originally. If you want to know more, read the PodRide news here.

Pre-order new recumbent book

You could read a long interview with Hungarian recumbent rider Viktor Zichó on RECUMBENT.news already as same as you could see some great video of him riding the old M5 recumbent from Hungary to India. His journey is amazing from many sights and I admire his stubborn will to finish his expedition which followed the steps of Alexander Csoma a historical linguist who prepared the first English-Tibetian vocabulary. Viktor was imprisoned for 4 weeks in Pakistan and then later he had to spend 9 weeks alone in a hospital in India under quarantine although he was tested COVID negative. Viktor just finished writing his book and would like to print it, but needs to fund it first. If you would like to get the unique occasion of reading a new recumbent book, you can pre-order it here at Indiegogo, which is a safe crowdfunding site. I have already ordered my copy there as well.

Copenhagen Wheel no longer available

The last is kind of a sad news. The Superpedestrian company has stoped selling their rear wheel all-in hub motor called Copenhagen Wheel which had the motor, battery and all the controllers integrated in the rear wheel. Although it sounds smart and easy, this e-assist had several “issues”. Not really functional, but more general. The world of e-bikes is ruled by mid-drive motors like Bosch or Shimano Steps and the hub motors, although good for different use are struggling. Another rule is: “The higher capacity is the better.” And the Copenhagen Wheel had only 279 Wh with maximum range only 30 miles / 50 km, and that is really not enough when others are introducing 600 Wh or even 700 Wh batteries plus options to connect two or even more batteries together. No link to click in this case…

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