I expected so much, when I red the title “Versatile velomobile for two” on Youtube.com. I told to myself. Great! Finaly a velomobile for two people. I thought it will be one which was re-made at home. But as you can see, it is just a joke.

I think that the idea of two persons velomobile is good. It is more close to car than common velomobile. You can take your child to school or your wife to work an on the way back from your work pick them up again. I know that it would be much heavier, too long, simply too big, but still smaller than any car! And I think and hope that future technologies will bring a possibility to build such velomobile even with good weight. I already know about two such velomobiles. One looks great, the other one is a little bit poor. Let´s have a look at the pictures and video hereunder.

source: guilhem.valentin.free.fr

source: cab-bike.com here you can see that also Cab Bike was/is thinking about real tandem velomobile.