As you can see we are probably the last ones who inform about new HP-Velotechnik Scorpion fx – fully suspended recumbent trike. It looks like HP used the experiences with “head suspension” from Speed Machine and put them on both sides with using the McPherson system of suspension. Rest of the trike seems to be pretty much the same as the common Scorpion.

We are again surprised that HP did not improve any part of the construction of the rear fork, which is the same from the start of the HP production. Well, it works good, and the No Squat design, is also working nice, but if you look at the bike, you can see so many different tubes, and plates with holes etc. etc. Especialy with the rear rack. We think that the design of the rear part could be a little bit more simple and smooth.

Anyway. 17,9 kilos and full suspension are good selling points.