If you think that this is a cockpit of an airplane, be sure that it is not. If you want to know more, click and continue reading.

Steve Roberts is a technocratic adventurer who made a list of his own living priorities back in 80-ties and realised that his own house is not on the list but cost far too much each month. Because of that he sold his house, all neccessary computers he put on his recumbent bike and started a 10.000 miles long trip around USA. After that he made two other bikes with improved computer systems, trailers, helmets etc. etc. and made two other huge journeys. He also developed a system by which he was able to type when pedaling so he wrote book and articles while riding. Since that time, he has switched to sailing and he has his super boat Nomadness almost ready for world tour.

If you want to spend hours reading his web pages – serve yourself here.

For those who just want to see his bike and want to see a video describing it continue looking this short post.