I have already published few posts about disabled Agatha and her partner Piotr and finaly I come with a pretty long interview with them. Agatha and Piotr like to spend time together and they also like to show to people around that the physical disability is not that big limitation as one would think. The argument can be also their journey which they have done in Summer 2008 and during which they did 1140 km.

Piotr likes to be active, he doesn’t like to sit on one place. Besides he loves to give joy to Agatha. Agatha is his will-power.

It would be better to start with another question, but for everybody this is the first manner. Why Agatha cannot pedal, at least on handbike or so? If you do not want to answer, no problem.
It is because of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Thanks to that disablement Agatha has no enough power to pedal by herself. Fortunately Piotr has enough force for both. That allowed us to make the trip from Wroclaw to Wien and back. We were dreaming about cycling together for three years, but it was necessary to solve quite some problems. But we really want to do things together and cycling is only the first step.

During the journey you have used a trike and bicycle trailer for Agatha. Was that the only combination you were thinking about? How look the development of the trailer?
Yes, it was in fact the only one combination, which was possible in that time. The trike has already existed as prototype and it was only necessary to develop a trailer for adult, because usually the trailers are made only for children. We were inspired by sport car seats, because we knew that Agatha need a very comfortable transport solution. It was also necessary to have the trailer with suspension to avoid bumps from road. Also we had to have some kind of raincoat for Agatha which you can see on some pictures. Everything has to be done so perfect that Agatha will not suffer. It is difficult for anybody who move each day how it is to lie all the day in fact in one position.

And what about the future, do you plan something new?
Yes, we want to build a bicycle based on Agatha´s trailer with an electric assist so Agatha will be able to hand-pedal. Thanks for that she will be more independent and active.

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