Eurobike is the world’s largest bike show and is held every year in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It has around 14 huge halls and its size is simply overwhelming. The atmosphere is also very friendly and one of the specialties here is the parties organized by some exhibitors in their booths after the show is closed. However, those are not for the general public, but only for cycling professionals. As same as the complete show. Just the last day of the show is open for all cycling enthusiasts.

Despite the fact, recumbents have a dedicated part of the show and despite the fact, there were signs all around the show guiding people to that area, there were just four recumbent exhibitors this year. The HP Velotechnik and HASE have both quite large booths there although HASE was not in the recumbent area. Then the German HPV Club had a huge booth with several velomobiles on display and was representing the recumbent world very well and finally, also the Aquacon project could be seen in the Start-up corner. But that was all. And it is kind of sad also because there were way more recumbent brands exhibiting several years ago like AZUB, Steintrikes, and others.

On the other hand, it is truth that if you are interested in recumbents, you go to SPEZI show where you see all the big and small recumbent companies at one place and many smaller companies don’t have the budget to exhibit at the show like Eurobike is especially when it is supposed to be almost exclusively for professionals.

So here is a photo gallery capturing some moments and products which caught my attention. I will write about some of them more throughout the new weeks.

Let me know in the comments if there is something especially interesting for you so I can include it into one of my future articles. Thanks!

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