This Softshell concept of velomobile has been made by Czech designer Martin Miklica. The idea is similar to BMW Gina (see video here under) with the main structure potentialy produced from steel and the fairing from fabric. Better to say from Softshell which is mainly fabric for outdoor products like jackets or pants.

It has four wheels, two seats and it is 1,5 meters wide what would require using it only on standard roads and streets, not on cycle paths. For that, it would probably need to have also kind of electric motor as a support.

Usualy designers forget to think about pedaling and it is the case also here. There is no pedal box which would allow to use a crankset so the only one solution would be a linear pedaling like in the amphibian velombile which was made in Czech.

It seems that also AZUB is working on a project of fabric velomobile, or better to say a full fabric fairing for their trikes. The only one information can be found in their catalog now.