Paul Pritchard is an adventurer rock climber and also trike rider now, who had a serious rock climbing accident back in 1998. He survived but became hemiplegic. But a dream of seeing the huge mountains again was still deep in him. So he set on a journey from Lhasa, Tibet to Everest base camp and Kathmandu, Nepal on a trike. Like another British disabled climber Karen Darke, Paul rode a Greenspeed there.  And here is a movie about The Journey.



If you want to have some tears in your eyes, look at this video about Paul’s girlfriend Celia rescuing him after his head was smashed by falling rock at the Totem pole in Tasmania. This massive 4 meters wide, 60 meters high / 13 feet wide by 197 feet high sea stack is a popular place for climbers and was a dream for Paul as well. Here is the story.



Finally, if you want to feel like in a fairy tale, full of happiness and hope, look at this last video where Paul says a surprising sentence: “Over the years I’ve come to see this catastrophic brain injury as a gift. Certainly, the best thing that has ever happened to me.”