Initially, I thought that all sorts of smart devices would enter the world of cycling much faster, but in recent years, really usable products have appeared only slowly. But this year, in my opinion, there was a turning point. There were a lot of smart devices. Among others the smart helmets. They are usually able to report the crash of a cyclist by sending SMS to the selected phone numbers, or to shine forward, backward and sometimes to indicate the direction (which I am a great opponent). However, I was intrigued by three products that completely stood out from the crowd.

The first one was a helmet from Briko mainly because the number of smart features is absolutely overwhelming and for recumbent cyclists, the function of the rearview camera could be revolutionary. Sena Helmet, in turn, solves communication between cyclists in the riding group, which is also a great unique. Finally, they are smart UVEX glasses, which, although I did not get excited after trying, are an interesting achievement.

Briko Cerbellum One a smart helmet with rearview camera

The super-smart helmet
Briko, Italy, has introduced the Cerebellum One smart helmet, which also features a front and rear camera. The video from the back one can be transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone placed on the handlebars and act as a kind of rearview mirror. This would be a great help for every recumbent cyclist. At the same time, the helmet is able to warn of cars arriving from behind. In the event of an accident, the helmet itself notifies pre-defined family members or friends of an unpleasant event by means of an SMS with coordinates and at the same time sends to the cloud the last two minutes of video recording. The helmet is expected to appear on the Italian market sometime next year and the estimated price is 450 EUR.

Sena helmet for cyclists works as a device for communication among cyclists in the riding group

Talk to each other easily
Another interesting product in the field of helmets is the Sena brand, which besides cycling helmets is dedicated to motorcycle helmets. In order for the helmet to function properly, you must actually have at least two pieces. Sena ensures smooth communication between two or more riders, is able to play music and/or inform you about a change of direction from the navigation. In short, an improved intercom for cyclists.

Smar glasses from UVEX were not so easy to use, but might develop into something unique.

The head-up display for cyclists
Uvex had for a test the prototype of its Uvex Smart Glasses, which show speed, pulse, time spent training and so on right on the glass. The information wall, which presented the whole system looked beautiful, but during the actual testing, however, it was somewhat complicated to find any information at all. To capture them, it is necessary to focus a lot from a distance to close, which is not quite easy for the first time. Smart goggles fit into Uvex’s new strategy, which expects the spread of modern technology into protective gear of all kinds, including gloves. In the future, you will be able to control these glasses, for example, by hand movement and thus change the displayed information.