Another great looking car-like-velomobile has seen the light of the day. This time by Polish builder Andrzej Burek. It is a pedal-powered “replica” of Mercedes Benz SLS AMG coupé with a gull-wing door and two seats. Watch the video from ROADBLOCK TV and get all the interesting information about the project itself, how long did it take to build the bike/car, about the “engine” and so on.

You may also remember two other vehicles like this which were built by the same Austrian builder Hannes Langeder. It was the Porsche GT3 RS (English subtitles available in the video) and Ferrari Enzo.

All three are amazing pieces which I think we can easily call velomobiles. Together with some electric engines, they would be nice to use in some areas as a pedal car. Yes, it is still a vehicle of a size of a standard car, but it is pedal-powered thus way more ecological than their pattern.