I have seen many Don’s photos capturing not only his recumbent tandem converted to solar powered single-seater but also stunning mountain sceneries. And that is what I love. Bikes and mountains! Big mountains. Don uses his bikes (two recumbents, but also some upright (e)bikes not only as a mean of exercise or leisure, but also also a way of transporting himself and all the gear to a destination where he starts his adventures. And the way he transport himself is very enjoyable as well! This is approach I like!

So here is another great project from you, my readers! If you want to publish your one as well, just click at the button under the article.

Project introduction: Not sure if you can call it a project it’s just a 30 year old bike that I could not part with.  It is a Ryan Tandem that along time ago was a rental bike.  For awhile I had a business renting recumbent bike in SunRiver Oregon.  
Future of the project:
Better system of solar charging battery.
Ideas belonging to it:
Gear hauler, electric assist and solar charging.
Time spent on it: Years
Past experiences and similar projects:
Project’s web:
Not exclusive for for this project, but you can contact Don at Unitrekker(-at-)hotmail.com

When you have the best bike on the planet it’s hard to be humble.

Builder’s CV
Name: Don Haueter
Year of birth: 1955
Occupation: Struggling Inventor 
Education: Hard knocks, life
Bike(s): Ryan Tandem,  Vision R45, Carbon Fiber Specialized Stumpjumper and Rad Power Bikes Fat Tire Mt. Bike Electric Assist. Motto: Never give up.