Velomo Gmbh is a small German manufacturer that builds trikes and also quads. Their work is nice and they are interested in the latest trends in the recumbent world as well as something I call practical cycling. Their latest creation is a plywood retro velomobile built on the base of a Quadvelo.

“This wooden roadster is something like a proposal for DIY-interests to build their own-style velocar over the Quadvelo chassis.” says Steffen Schönfelder from Velomo. You could see the Quadvelo at the SPEZI in 2019. It is a composite two-seat velomobile which is developed in cooperation with the eCvelo and Velomo. This plywood velomobile is just a side project and quick exercise Steffen did using the Quadvelo chassis. The overall time needed was only 60 hours for the plywood-body and common home tools were required.

Here is some additional info from Steffen.

The sense of this exercice is to check some points:

  • does a Velocar would also work as open-cockpit-design (because all of the current startups like BioHybrid, Podbike etc. are closed cabins with all their pro and contra – while classic velomobiles find reasons to develop completely towards open-cockpit)
  • what could we do else with the given chassis? We try out different functions like fat-quad, cargo-quad, or base for other “simple” roof-styles.
  • and is this full-suspension-quad suitable to give DIY-competences something to handcraft – maybe to show the world a variety of handmade “dream cars” on this base soon. So my work should be “only” an inspiration.
  • … and to be honest. My task is to extensively test drive and improve the open serial-chassis now – but it is winter outside. So I’ve built spontaneously an easy and light shell around me, to do my work 😀 

The quadvelo-chassis has full-leaf-springsuspension, a basic weight of ~30kg with a load-capacity of up to 200kg. Of course, you can install a motor-system, several seats, wheels, or functional-units on the square-frame – but these details are defined by the serial.

I will bring you more information about the Quadvelo soon.