Laidback Bike Report has announced in today’s show that Catrike Eola has been discontinued. Here is a message from Mark Egeland, the general manager of Catrike, we could hear during the show:

“We discontinued the Eola due to demand of our other models and the amount of current dealer orders in the queue. I am increasing the production of those. Less models will help with this. Also, the Eola has a different component group than all other models so having less SKUs will help our suppliers. Engineering is working on more automation in our factory as well. So this decision allows us to focus on our core products while increasing output. But we are doing really well with all the shortages in the bike industry.”

The Catrike Eola was an entry-level trike from Catrike with a price tag of 1995 USD. Catrike achieved such a low price by optimizing the production process from the raw material to the final trike. However, it was still the high-quality recumbent trike from the Orlando, FL manufacturer.

It is no surprise Catrike does such a cut in the model range as bike companies have to make difficult decisions nowadays to have at least some products to deliver to their customers. The demand is super high, and supply shortages are very common and getting worse day by day. Read here my article from a few months ago here.

And here is Mark talking about the Eola when it was first displayed at the Recumbent Cycle Con back in 2018.