[UPDATE on 10/15/2021]: Thanks to the following post, contact to one more producer has been sent to me. The name is Allround Hecktraeger.

There are several producers of hitch racks for recumbent two-wheelers or trikes in the US and many of the carriers are huge. I can’t really imagine them in Europe mainly because the rules here seem to be more limiting. For a long time, I thought there is no manufacturer of a rack for trikes in Europe. But I was wrong and I am happy I can show you Pendle Bike Racks. A UK-based company making all different bike carriers incl. one for trikes. They produce them in their Lancashire base for over 30 years. Although their customer base is predominantly in the UK, they also ship to many destinations throughout Europe and across the globe which is important information.

I have asked them about the certification for use in Europe and here is their answer: “You can carry your bikes on the back of your vehicle, provided they do not obscure lights, indicators or number plates. All our racks are supplied with a lighting board to overcome this issue. If travelling through Portugal, you must make sure that your bikes are carried at the rear of your caravan or motorhome and not your car.

Bike racks can only rest on the towbar if the maximum weight on the towbar is not exceeded.

In Spain and Italy, any overhanging loads must be indicated by a square warning panel measuring 50cm x 50cm. The square must have reflective red and white diagonal stripes. Panels can be purchased from touring and leisure stockists and are available in aluminium and plastic. In Spain you can use either type, however, in Italy the panel must be aluminium.”

In terms of opening the rear of the vehicle, some cars have a lower mounted towbar, which means you can access the rear of the vehicle without removing the rack.  On other vehicles, you would need to remove the rack, however, this involves just adjusting one bolt on the security plate, and then the whole rack lifts away very easily. Still, I find this the biggest disadvantage compare to other bike racks available on the market.

Still, this is an interesting official option for how to carry trikes outside of the car in Europe. The other option would be to build something at home using some of the existing bike racks.