Everyone probably already knows that the situation on the bike market is unpredictable. The delivery times of components for bicycles’ production are often as long as two years or even more. Also, the prices of basic materials and individual parts rise sharply. Let’s also add the increased costs of transport and all logistics. Behind all this, of course, is the world pandemic, production outages, and also the huge interest of people in cycling. I wrote an article about recumbent manufacturers fighting the pandemic last year, and the situation has worsened a bit in those few months. You could also read about how recumbent travelers fought COVID.

No wonder, then, that Catrike announced an increase in their trikes’ prices, with immediate effect from today. You can read more in their statement. We can expect similar actions from other manufacturers as well. Fighting with pandemics is not easy even in case your sales are growing especially when the demand is so high and your supply is limited. Catrike has previously announced the discontinuation of the Eola model, and delivery times are extremely long for many other manufacturers.

Here is Catrike’s statement from today:

Catrike will be increasing its pricing (MSRP) by $200 across all models, effective immediately. The price increase is due to higher costs for transportation and materials. In previous years, we have offset material and shipping costs through aggressive negotiations and production efficiency within our Orlando factory. This has allowed us to maintain pricing without an increase since 2016. The Expedition has not had a price hike since its debut in 2006.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, component costs have dramatically increased, and almost all supply industry elements are now more expensive – including freight costs and packing materials. Our team has worked hard with suppliers and vendors to minimize the impact on consumers resulting in a minimal price increase.

Bosch pricing will remain the same; $2600 + CATRIKE MSRP for eCATs and $2750 MSRP for eKITs.

Catrike is honoring current pricing for existing orders, with the increase to be effective immediately. Thank you for your understanding and for being part of the Catrike family.

Catrike Pricing Effective 4/8
Dumont: $4,350
5.5.9: $3,350
700: $3,550
Expedition: $2,750
Trail:  $3,150
Pocket: $2,350
Villager: $2,750

eCAT Pricing ($2600 + CATRIKE MSRP) Effective 4/8
Dumont: $6,950
5.5.9: $5,950
Expedition: $5,350
Trail: $5,750
Pocket: $4,950
Villager: $5,350

eKIT Pricing $2750 MSRP