Over the last few months, the German well-known recumbent producer has presented sketches, renders, and photos of their new project, which is a kind of handbike adapter for their recumbent trikes. Although the press release will be published later, here are some comments from Heiko Truppel, online marketing manager of HP Velo.

“This Hands-On-Cycle was originally planned to offer the hand cycle drive for all Scorpions and Gekkos. For several reasons, we focused on two models, in the beginning, the Scorpion fs 20 and the Gekko fx 26. The other models are subject of further tests though. It will come with three options, two of them non-electric: Hands-On-Cycle with Tripleshift 24 (Sturmey Archer hub combined with Sram derailleur gearing), HOC with Rohloff, and HOC with neodrives Z20 and Shimano XT 10. We plan to start production in 2022. Hopefully in Spring, but some logistic issues are still pending and the market entry may become significantly later. We’re working on it with full engagement though.”

I always love to see all the different drawings and sketches especially when they show not only a dream, but a product that will hit the market sooner or later, and this is exactly what we see here. Enjoy!